25 Nov 2014

There’s usually at least one in your junk folder that has come in overnight – the spam email.  Today the offer was ‘stress free staff management’, or it could be photocopiers, franking machines, payroll services, debt collection, mobile phones, factoring, SEO services,...

5 Nov 2014

A recent quote on the news from a fire fighter saying that, due to cuts, the service would be “decimated by twenty percent”.

22 Jul 2014

On a recent Jeremy Vine radio show, the possibility of spies using manual typewriters was discussed because it is a more secure method than typing and keeping sensitive documents on a computer. A manual typewriter using a fabric ribbon produces one document, unless you...

10 Jun 2014

A letter in the Radio Times pointed out that a recent article in the magazine contained an error. This turned out to be because the interview had taken place in a noisy restaurant and, during transcription, a word was misheard.

It is important to try to carry out interv...

21 Mar 2014

Two mistakes in one go, really.  Headline for report on Breakfast programme this morning on situation in Ukraine contained an it’s when it should have been its.

27 Feb 2014

The word decimate means to destroy one tenth, but its use in the news and particularly natural history programmes gives the impression that our wildlife is on the verge of extinction.  More generally, its definition can mean a large part of, but too often reporters are...

18 Nov 2013

You, me, we and us are all too often replaced nowadays by the more cumbersome and incorrect use of yourself, yourselves, myself and ourselves in sentences. You wouldn’t say ‘Look at myself’, or ‘Yourself and myself are walking down the road’, it just doesn’t make sense...

15 Sep 2013

Damascas, as reported by the BBC recently. Surely, with all the media attention in Syria, they could manage to spell ‘Damascus’ correctly.

22 Apr 2013

Attended an evening event last week organised by Test Valley Borough Council who is now recognised as an FSB Real Life Entrepreneur.

Three new entrepreneurs gave a short talk on their experiences, and then the evening continued with nibbles and networking. Met some very...

28 Feb 2013

…. does this result in a lot more spam?

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