Creating the Right Impression

How many times have you seen poor grammar, spelling or punctuation that left you with a poor impression of a business? Whether it is merely the garden centre selling fushias or the letter from the bank putting it’s apostrophes in the wrong place, this type of error is becoming far too frequent in today’s written word.

Since the introduction of personal computers, the role of the secretary or typist nowadays is less vital, and typing is now undertaken by anyone with access to a ‘qwerty’ keyboard. There are many competent two-fingered ‘typists’ producing presentable documents and at reasonable speeds, but in the hands of the experienced secretary, the lengthy report or short letter can be produced with ease and with an eye for accuracy and detail.

When it comes to good presentation, or even the time-consuming production of large documents, these are tasks tackled more efficiently by the fully trained secretary, enabling the hard-pressed manager to get on with their day-to day business.

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