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Produce Your Documents the Choice Secretarial Way
Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and an attractive and consistent presentation of documents is very important in creating a good impression of your business, particularly when attracting new customers. This also applies to websites, blogs and emails however brief.

Most people do their own typing nowadays, the result of which is that the role of the typist and secretary in the office is now less vital than it once was. However, undertaking copy typing of lengthy manuscripts, theses or reports and the transcription of long interviews or conferences is time consuming, and employing an experienced and professionally trained typist offers better value for money. The job will be undertaken quickly and accurately and, if you are outsourcing the work to freelancers, you are only paying for the work undertaken, and none of the overheads of agencies or permanent staff. This applies to either one-off jobs or ongoing projects.

So, if there's a lengthy interview to be transcribed, or just a short letter, contact us for details of our secretarial and typing services.